Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let there be a home

Unbelievable - This is the word to describe how it feels watching your dreams come true right before your eyes.  Today we visited the house site and found we had a house with walls & roof completed, right before our very eyes.

With tears in my eyes I could not believe that we could walk into our new home and locate each and every room in our house.  We were transformed from a slab last weekend to under roof today.  We watched as they sealed up the  seam in our roof peak.  It was so much fun to walk through and identify each room of our home outlined and ready to become a room.  Amazing.

Phill's parents were able to come out to see the house today.  It was so nice to have them along to see the entire house being framed out and ready to go.  They enjoyed sitting in the family room and morning room and enjoying our view of the mountains.

Walking out of the car

Ayden excited to see who came to visit ~ Papa & Grandma

Look Papa - what do you see?

Looking at the rooms together

Kitchen Pantry

Upstairs - notice the center seam in roof peak is open
The guys

Bonus Room bump out

The roof as it is sealed at the peak

Watching the roof being built
Ayden had quite a day that started out with a dog bite & stitches

Our Room

Owner Bath window - looking at all the workers
The front loader has lots of wood on it

Britt's Room - She was at basketball

Andrea's room - looking good

Ayden's Room - So fun

Looking outside

Laundry Room

Papa & Ayden sneaking onto the fun equipment

Our back yard

Steel Beam holding up the house

Phill & his Dad checking things out

Looking at the plans

Foyer & temporary front door 

Ayden building his own section of the house

Our real wood stairs are in
They are hand crafted by a group of older gentlemen who have been crafting them for years

Peak of the roof is complete

Phill & his Mom enjoying the moment

Ayden & Papa playing in the garage on a fun ramp

Now they're watching "the tracker" as Ayden likes to call it

Standing in the corner of the bedroom next to the owners bath

Owner Bath window view
Beautiful Mountains

Ayden with his Ryan Homes Balloon from the BBQ

Family at the front door

Our First Home

Time to head out

A different view of the sold sign complete with house being built

The wood from last week with our lot number now frames the peak of our roof

Side view of the house from the back

Coming around the back side of the circle

Back Yard view
Yes the ice cream truck is all ready making rounds in the neighborhood

Side view of neighbor facing side of our house
Today was such a blessing to us.  We were able to watch our home in the process of being built, realize that our dreams were truly becoming reality and to share the day with family ~ Priceless.  Each phase of this process is going to be exciting to be a part of.  Such a special time in our family's life.

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