Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finishing Touches

The final touches are being put into place, with only 11 days to go until settlement.  The metal roof is on, the landscaping complete and the grass is being watered.  All the floors are now uncovered and the fireplace is looking more like the real thing.  The fun part - our kitchen appliances are in :-)  Everything looks great so far, just a few things that we need to bring to our PM's attention prior to settlement but overall we are very pleased.  Here are the most recent pictures....

Yard, Landscaping & Metal Roof


Dining Room Floors

Powder Room With Mirror


Fire Place

Archway Into Powder Room & Study

Family Room

Kitchen Overview


Stove & Microwave

Dishwasher w/ Wine Holders Inside

Morning Room

Kitchen Bar's


Ayden's Footprints

Bonus Room

Bonus Room View 2

Owner Suite

Owner Suite 2

Owner Vanity

Shower Door Installed

Owner Bath

Owner Water Closet

Main Bath

Britt's Room

Andrea's Room

Laundry Room

Ayden's Room

Linen Closet


Stairs Looking Over Railing

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fireplace Love

On another trip to storage, we stopped by the house to discover the stone has been completely installed, including on our fireplace!  We have an address on the outside of our home.  Fun to discover our shower glass has been installed and the finishing painting has been done on our stair railing.  They also completed the closets that were not done 3 days ago.  Things are progressing so fast now it is hard to believe the changes every trip we take.

Front of Home ~ Stone Completed

Front Porch Stone Detail


Sample Of Future Paint Color

Spindles Painted White

Shower Glass Installed

Railing Completed


Ayden Closet

Railing Opposite End Of Hall

Kitchen Pantry

Family Room Overview

Beautiful Fireplace

Fireplace With Accent Lighting

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stone's Throw Away

We have increased our trips to storage, which is 3 miles from our new home & 40 from our current home, in order to be out by July 30.  That will leave us without a home for 23 days, at first this was hard to take in however now it is great to know once we get the keys to our new home, we do not have a place that will require out time and attention, allowing us to focus only on our new home.

We stop by the house every time we go to storage and were pleased today to find they were installing our stone and we have a mail box.  We also have shelving installed in our closets and laundry room and the flooring in both bathrooms is uncovered.  The stairs are stained now as well and they look amazing!  It is looking wonderful and we are always amazed with the progress made since our last trip.  Before we know it everything will be in and waiting for settlement.  We can not wait!

Town Sign

Stone Going On Front

Owner Closet View 1

Owner Closet View 2

Owner Bath

Linen Closet

Workers Outside Installing Stone

Main Bath

Laundry Room Closet

Laundry Room Shelf

Andrea's Closet

Britt's Closet

Hall & Phill Acting Silly

Bonus Room Closet

Bonus Room Cove

Stained Stairs

Kitchen Overview

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Pantry

Morning Room

Mudroom Closet

Our Mailbox

Porch Stone