Sunday, May 26, 2013

Slab Poured

Our basement is finished as well as our garage.  Monday or Tuesday they will begin walls.  We went out to see it today since it was the annual May Day Festival.  Just so happened that my Mom was in and I could no longer wait until June to tell her.  She was leaving town the same day as the festival so we drove her there on her way out to surprise her.  It was amazing.  She was so shocked and surprised which is hard to do to my Mom.

Garage Slab being finished

Basement Floor 

Basement with morning room bump out

basement & garage

Here are the pictures from my showing my Mom the new house...

This is really what we are buying... her face was priceless!

Lets take a look

Hugs all around - I love her so much!

In the basement

Our framing wood - 

Roof boards

WAWLV 0055 walls

More views of the wood for the walls

The blue crane that will set our walls into place.

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