Sunday, June 2, 2013

Through Your Parent's Eyes...

Phill's parents arrived at the house before we had the chance to see it.  Ryan homes was hosting a BBQ at the model which were were attending and Ayden was bite by a dog (who I think may have smelled his food) right on his lips.  This required Phill and I to take Ayden to the emergency room and Dre stayed at the model waiting for Grandma & Papa to arrive.

They got some amazing pictures for us since we were not sure if we would make it back to the house after leaving the hospital.  Here is our new home through their eyes....

Sign For Our Development

Town Green Pavilion

Lovettsville Town Center Plan

The Verona - Our Model

Ayden's Truck Waiting For Him To Return

Approaching Our House

A Home Is Being Built

Dining Room - Our Future Tasting Room

Front Door

Formal Living Room - Our Future Lounge Area

Entrance Into Family Room

Stair Case Going Up


Family Room Into Kitchen & Morning Room


Mudroom Into Garage

Kitchen Pantry

Morning Room Windows

Family Room & Study

Blue Prints

Powder Room

Future Tasting Room Windows

Through The Stairs Into The Family Room
Love This Picture

Garage Entrance

Garage Into Mudroom & Kitchen

Basement Stairs

Back Entrance Into Family Room


Entrance Overview From Study

Living Room & Powder Room From Study

Dre Chilling On The Fireplace

Morning Room View From Family Room


Mudroom & Garage From Morning Room

Morning Room Door Views

Morning Room Side Windows

View From The Morning Room

The Circle Progress

Building Up

Future Neighbors Home Foundation

Downstairs To Basement

Sliding Glass Door In Basement

Basement Side Of Future Remodel

Bump Out Area

Future Furnace & Hot Water Heater Area

Rough In For Future Bath

Beam Holding Up The House

Stairs Going Up Stairs

Garage Stairs

Dre Wants To Drive This One

There's My Room

Our Home

Bonus Room

Bonus Room Ceiling

Bonus Room Overview

Bonus Room Bump Out

Ceiling Beams

More Ceiling Views

Owners Bedroom

Owners Bath

Dre Checking Out The Bath

Bonus Room From Owners Bedroom

Bath & Shower


Water Room - Yep That's What They Call It

Owner Closet

Main Bath - Kid's Bathroom

Britt's Room

Dre's Room

Love My Room

Building The Attic

Dre's Windows

Dre's Room Overview

Laundry Room

Ayden's Room

Ayden's Windows

Bonus Room View

Bonus Room Cover Roof

Owners Bedroom From Bonus Room

Peak Close Up

Open Roof Peak

Rafter Close Up

Light Shining Through - Pretty

Window - Ryan Homes

More Fun Roof Views


Hall Overview

Owner Bath Overview

Van Arriving From the Hospital

Seeing Our Home For The First Time

Picture Taking Begins

Coming Home

Hugs All Around

Ayden Watching The Workers - Stitches & All

The Guys Together

Brave Boy Taking It All In

Our Bedtoom

Looking Outside

That Looks Fun

Ayden In His Room

Ayden Looking Out His Window

Ayden Riding On The Fun Truck

Morning Room From Outside

Back of Our Home

Checking It Out

Family In The Backyard

Morning Room Window View

Neighbors Doors

Phill & Dad Checkinng This Out

Checking Things Out

Looking At The Plans

Good Conversation

Wood Stairs

Fun Ramp

Such Great Entertainment

Our First Walk Through Alone

Playing in the Sawdust

Such A Fun Time

Working Together With Papa

Family Home

The Beginning Of Our Dream

Dream's Coming True

The Front

The Side

Ice Cream Truck Is Here All Ready

The Back

Our Street Sign - Eisentown Drive

Heading Out

At The Town Green

Fun Pavilion

Andy's - Our New Favorite Place To Eat Out

Where It All Began - Rob's Office

Town Center Park

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