Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Day Has Arrived... Dad & Mom Welcome To Our Home!

Today is the day before Brittany's graduation and family is arriving into town.  Mandy and I have been working together to get my Dad & Mom to our new home and as a surprise.  It worked out perfect as Mandy, Jason & Jake led the way into our neighborhood, staged being lost and got everyone at the entrance to our garage.  It was so much fun to see their reactions to the house.  Thanks Mandy for your support and hard work, it was priceless!!

This is also the very FIRST time Brittany has been at the house since it was just a foundation.  She was so excited and very much loves her new room :-)

We Have Siding

Ready To Put Up The Drywall

Senior 2013 - Britt's Room

Penguin - Of Course

I Think Britt Is Happy With Her Space

Smiles All Around

Adding Her Faith

Britt In Her Happy Place

Sidewalk Prep Work

Neighbors Sidewalk Complete, Street View

Framing Front Porch

Dre Added Her Thanks

And Her Love Of Music

Passed Building Inspection

Dre Waiting

Britt Relaxing While She Waits

Mandy, Jason & Jake Arriving

Dad & Mom Arriving

Peaking Out


So Exciting

Hugs All Around

Welcome To Our Home

Great Memories


Fun View


Morning Room

Mom Coming Up Stairs

Dad Coming Upstairs

Jake ~ Silly Face

Britt Checking Things Out

Mandy's Words For Our Home

Mom's Words For Our Home

Dad's Words For Our Home

Fun Times

Great Memories Made

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