Monday, April 8, 2013

Guardian Meeting, wiring is planned out

The meeting with guardian went well.  Phill was in charge of most of that planning since that is his area of expertise.  He decided on the router for our internet to be located in the study and direct lines to be in several other rooms, as well as cable lines and satellite connectors outside for ease of the dish being connected.  We are having the back speakers for our surround sound hard wired and we will mount our own speakers after we are moved in.  2 bonus items we opted into were the security system, with heat, smoke & CO2 detectors with direct link to the security line and the 2 room stereo system installed in both the morning room (vaulted ceilings will allow for great acoustics) and the second room for the music will be the bonus room upstairs.  All and all the appointment went well and we are happy with our selections.

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