Saturday, March 30, 2013

Building a Verona with Ryan Homes including color options

We decided on the Verona Model with Elevation "C".  It is not the current model home on display which seems to be the most common with this phase of purchasers in our neighborhood so our house should stand out from those around us, which we love.  Also we found that our model has not yet been revised so a porch elevation is around 12K less on this model than on the newest display model.  Phill has always wanted a porch so this was a huge selling point for us.  Here is a display model of our choice however our driveway will be on the opposite side and our stone, door, shutter and siding colors will be different.

Verona Model w/ elevation c

For our outside colors we went with Pebble Clay Siding, Black Shutters & Firey Brown Door.  Our trim and garage door will be white

Color Scheme Book

It does look different inside (above) than outside.  Since it is the outside of your house it is vital that you take it outside to make sure you love it in the real sunlight.  Here is our choice outside together.

Exterior Colors together 

For our stone option we went with the Briarwood Ohio Drystack, which will also be our fireplace option on the inside of the house matching the inside to the outside.  This is mounted on the wall so we could not take it outside however we have seen it on other houses in the neighborhood and love it.  The red brick will make the front door color pop and draw your eye to the middle of the house and not the garage door, which again we love.

Briarwood Ohio Drystack Stone

Here is a picture of how the stone will look around our fireplace.  Can't wait until Christmas time when we can decorate it!

Future Fireplace

We decided on the Maple Butterscotch Cabinets & Santa Cecilia granite   We are planning on a darker floor, to be selected later which will bring the combination together rather well.  Our hardware on our cabinets will be bronze however not chrome as show on the display.

Timberlake Maple Butterscotch Cabinets

Santa Cecilia Granite

The kids were along for making the selections and helped us choose our options.  We took them over to the lot so they could see where the house will be built.  They were so excited to be a part of such a special time in our family!

Kids at home

Girls are ready

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