Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flooring, tile and more, the fun part :)

Today was the day I have been so excited for since we began this amazing adventure.  We selected our flooring and bath options today.  It was a wonderful experience and our rep Lori made things go smoothly and really helped us feel great about our choices.  She did not pressure us however when we were trying to decide what was more worth the upgrades, she was very knowledgeable which helped us in deciding which route to take.

First choice was hard wood for our kitchen, mud room, morning room, foyer.  Hard wood is an area that we learned does not increase the value of your home as much as other upgrades however it is more about preference.  We had a level 1 hardwood upgrade included in our amazing birthday month deal that was running when we bought.  Initially we were planning on leaving the level 1 as is and upgrading carpet in our entire house that changed once we saw the difference between our level 1 and the numerous level 2 options. We loved the wider plank and the matte finish of the level 2 option so we decided to upgrade.

The one on the right was included and the one on the left was our upgrade choice.  That is our cabinet and granite option with the floors.

Next decided on the family room which is directly connected to the kitchen.  I knew I wanted to upgrade this carpet since it is where we will be spending most of our time.  We upgraded to a level B carpet with upgraded padding only in the family room.  With kids and pets I knew going in I wanted a dark carpet.  We decided in the remaining rooms to go with the standard carpet and padding and in doing this chose to upgrade to hardwood in the dining room and powder room as well.

Here is our family room carpet choice.  It is called Barn Owl.

The carpet for the formal living room, study & upstairs will be the same.  The color is Cobble Hill (upper left)

You can also see the color we selected for our stair case and railing - Cherry

Next was the master bath which we upgraded to a level C.  We liked 3 different accent tiles, it was hard to decide however Phill made the final choice.  We went with Wisteria/Tortoise marble random with Truffle Field tile on walls and floor.  Our cabinets are a dark Espresso Scottsdale Maple.

We finished up with the main bathroom, which we upgraded to a level B which gave them an accent vine tile and tile flooring.  Their cabinets are a Fairfield Maple with a Mushroom tile on the floor and an almond tile in the shower.

The laundry room we left with a vinyl flooring with dark brown hues.  Below is a picture of our overall choices with the laundry room on the right hand side.  We are happy with our choices and are excited to meet with our sales rep Rob on Sunday to finalize all of our options and schedule our meeting with the Project Manager :)

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