Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tile Work on Independence Day!

4th of July this year started off with a bang... well with a trip to the house to discover the our tile has been installed in both bathrooms and our railing stained cherry.  It looks amazing!  We have been extremely pleased with everything that has went in so far.  It is turning out as perfect as we imagined it would be all those months ago when we began choosing all of our options.

Front Yard Shaping

Our Family Loves The Porch

Owner Bath Tile


Soaking Tub

Owner Bath Floor

Main Bath Shower Tile With Ivy Boarder

Main Bath Floor

Ayden Checking Out The Progress

Cherry Stain Railing

Cherry Hand Rail

Cherry Stain Hall

Ayden Riding To Fireworks in WV

Andrea & Ayden Excited About Today


  1. Oh how fun it is to see the progress. I can't believe the changes since we were there!!!! I know you all are SO thankful and happy! Won't be long......and you'll be living there!!!!!!!!

    1. We know. It's amazing to see everything come together! Can't wait to take you to see it in person!! It's one of the best times in our lives!! Love you