Saturday, July 13, 2013

Storage Day & We Have Granite!!!

We have to be out of our current house by July 28 and our new home settlement date is August 22.  That means everything we own must go into storage while we stay with Phill's parents until we have the keys.  To storage it is....  We then stopped by the house to find  the granite has been installed in our kitchen (woohoo), lights have begun to emerge, hardwood floors are peeking through, and our stone has finally arrived for the front of the house and fire place after being delayed by three weeks, so exciting!

U-Haul Loading Has Begun

The Crew

Mom & Crew

Getting Ready To Carry Boxes

A Stop Off For Lunch

U-Haul Unloading Time

Loading Up

Planning In Action

Dining Light

Stone - Ohio Dry Stack

Kitchen & Morning Room

Looking From Morning Room

Hardwood Floors Installed

Bonus Room

Owners Closet

Owners Closet View 2

Outdoor Lighting

Pretty Granite

Moving Trailer

Fun Inside

Smiles To End The Day With

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